Data-Driven Funnel Copy: The Game Changer Your Sales Strategy Needs

Fusing creativity and analytics to create compelling content that Converts Connects Amplifies

I’m Ankit Sharma, Your Conversion Copy Maverick.

Are you set to captivate, convert, and catapult your sales? As an accomplished copywriter, I employ data as my North Star in the intricate labyrinth of marketing.

Amidst the ever-evolving terrain of SEO and conversion copywriting, I offer steadfast guidance.

My mission is crystal clear: morph complex data into magnetic narratives that resonate authentically with your audience.

Be it the tenacious small business owner making their mark, the forward-thinking tech marketing manager navigating a bustling market, or the e-commerce entrepreneur aiming for digital supremacy – I’m here to elevate your message.

Your brand story deserves more than just narration; it demands an immersive experience.

It should hold your audience captive, each word creating anticipation for the next. Together, we’ll weave copy that does precisely that.

So, are you primed for this extraordinary voyage? Your mission, if you’re ready to undertake it, commences with a straightforward step.

Schedule a call with me, and let’s begin crafting your roadmap to unmatched success.

In this ceaselessly advancing digital world, brands with compelling stories rise above the cacophony.

So let’s construct your compelling narrative. Because I’m geared up to guide you – all you need to do is step on board!

Email Copy/Marketing

Re-energize your email marketing with my expertise in Email Management and Copywriting.

I develop enticing, compelling emails that establish strong relationships and trigger conversions.

I’m not just a copywriter—I’m an architect of persuasive emails that forge powerful bonds and set conversions ablaze.

My method is more than just writing—it’s about sparking curiosity, driving engagement, and transforming your email campaigns into a vibrant engine for revenue generation.

SEO Content

Equipped with an in-depth grasp of SEO guidelines, I meticulously craft content fortified with deliberate keywords.

This content strikes a chord with both human psychology and search engine mechanisms.

It all comes from an understanding of your sales strategy, and you cannot ignore your TOFU.

I do more than just produce content—I infuse vitality into it.

The outcome? Content that not only attracts but also performs, climbing the ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs), and driving a swell in organic traffic.

Conversion Copy

Anchored in data and unwavering commitment to results, I embed the principles of Conversion Copywriting into each endeavor.

This voyage surpasses simple messaging – it’s a tactical voyage through your sales funnel, deploying validated persuasion methods and deep insights into consumer behavior.

The mission? To morph your audience from fleeting spectators into loyal patrons.

With my strategy, anticipate more than just interaction, but actual conversion – a transformation that turbocharges your business potential.

"To travel is to live. To build is to support."

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Blogs on Self Development

I HIGHLY recommend Ankit. He was kind, cooperative, well-spoken and VERY organized. Ankit went above and beyond my expectations. He provided me with a content planner for the work I gave him and always crushed every milestone. He finished work early and always offered to do whatever else was needed. Ankit was a 11/10. I will definitely reach out to Ankit for other freelance needs

Olivia Thayer- Digital Marketing Strategist

SEO Outreach Blogs

Ankit has been writing content for us for nearly a year now, and his technical writing has helped us get solid traction in acquiring links for our clients in web dev and software applications. We're happy with his technical knowledge base, and seeing results with his content (including blogger acceptance rate). Happy to recommend him for any agency that wants solid copy & quick turnaround times for off page marketing initiatives.

Tony Newton, CEO, Scalefluence

SEO Outreach Blogs

I've been working with Ankit on several e-commerce campaigns, which has always been a pleasure. The quality of work has been top-notch, consistent, and always delivered on time. I'm looking forward to our future collaborations as we'll undoubtedly continue using his services.

Selwyn du Plooy SEO Outreach Specialist

Data Analytics Writing

Ankit’s work was great and his research and writing skills were impeccable for my project. The article delivered great results and I’d hire him for future projects too! Thanks Ankit!

Swikrit Malik, CEO, Adceptive Media

Home Organization Writing

Responsible and diligent, Ankit has a flair for the written word that translates into articles of excellent quality. It's been a great experience working with him, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him a second, third or even fourth time. Thank you for your hard work!

Quek Yoke Ling