Join Me in Crashing Through Your Present Sales Targets Email KPIs Expert Authority

Sales Pages

Strategic Optimization: Regular refinement of your offers to align with market trends and demands.

Funnel Alignment: Ensuring your sales and landing pages resonate with each stage of your customer journey.

Customer-Centric Approach: Tailoring your offer to meet the unique needs and desires of your audience, whether it’s digital or physical.

Comprehensive Audits: Detailed analysis to spot potential improvements and gaps, followed by strategic creation of missing elements.

Consistent Communication: Maintaining a consistent brand voice across all platforms to build trust and recognition.

Performance Monitoring: Ongoing tracking and analysis of campaign performance for continual learning and optimization.

Email Campaigns

No Room for Errors: Your highest ROI marketing channel can’t afford mistakes. I ensure your emails reach the right segment.

Campaign Management: I’ll help with targeted emails and campaign management, automating and segmenting for optimum results.

Building Belief: Eager to improve your open rates and KPIs? It hinges on cultivating loyalty and inspiring belief.

Avoiding Disgust: There’s NO room for bad taste or visible backend management mishaps. I ensure flawless execution.

Personalization Perfection: I’ll tailor your messaging to resonate with individual recipients, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

Audit to Confidence: The journey starts with an audit and ends with your email landing in the right inbox. Tested before, validated after.

Blog Posts

Pillar, Skyscraper, Cornerstone, Transactional: I’ve played all these SEO tunes so many times they’re practically my theme song. Understanding your audience? You bet!

Stand Out, Don’t Blend In: High volume, low quality? Not on my watch. With the right research and analysis, you can do better than picking up the outlines of top SERPs.

Algorithm Authority: Need to flex for the algorithms and drop your competing SERPs a notch or two? You need strategy and SEO copy to put yourself out there.

More Than Your AI Buddy: You need something your generative AI can’t whip up? I’m your guy!

Why Bother With SEO? 
This is no short-term game- there I said it. You need outreach, beating down top ranking SERPs, I can strategize and help.